Kais Mabrouk

Consultant 8 University

Kaïs MABROUK graduated from Telecom ParisTech in Paris, trained at Sciences Po Paris Executive Education (2016), qualified by Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne, and has significant management experience, structuring, and creation of higher education and vocational training institutions. He is also a research professor and author of several scientific publications. His career began in the SAFRAN group in Sagem Mobile as a research engineer, then joined the E-Blink start-up as a project manager in the Paris region. In 2009, he joined the ESIGETEL-EFREI engineering school (Paris) as head of the Mobile Communications Networks department. Then he took on the development director role, resulting in the group's international expansion. During this same period, he was elected President of the Economic Junior Chamber of Seine- et-Marne, where he was responsible for development at the level of the regional federation of young economic chambers. He has always maintained links with his motherland Tunisia, being part of the faculty members of the Polytechnic School of Sousse in Tunisia in 2011, where he later held the position of director of international relations. In 2013, after returning to Tunisia, he turned to the world of media, where he launched a television channel, First TV application. A year later, he founded a school specialized in the audiovisual field, "The International Institute of Digital and Audiovisual (IINA)," which he also directed. Concerned about the future of private higher education institutions, he contributes to the foundation of the national federation of private higher education in Tunisia. He was President of the National Chamber of Private Higher Education in Architecture, Audiovisual, and Design in this federation. After having valued his companies with new buyers, he joined in September 2017 Honoris United Universites as Executive Director of international development to promote the group internationally and develop its activities, particularly in Africa. In September 2018, he joined the prestigious Russian university ETU St. Petersburg as a visiting professor, where he taught Advanced Wireless Telecommunication Technologies for three years. In 2020, he joined Bouebdelli Education Group as Deputy CEO, a pioneer group in education. During this experience, he was in charge of growth, visibility, and digital transformation. After this challenge, in 2022, as part of developing a new school associated with the Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne in Tunisia, he took over the direction of EIGHT Hospitality Business School, which trains future managers for the luxury hotel industry. Very well connected to African universities, with eight private universities from different countries, he initiated a new network for students and professors' mobility called RAMSES: African Network for student South-south mobility. On January 18, 2023, this network became a non-governmental organization based in Fez, Morocco, of which he is the secretary general. Also, in 2022 he joined a Hong Kong-based non-governmental organization to develop academic cooperation between North Africa and China called "Sino North Africa Education Innovation Association" as Vice President. He advises and assists in growth and rebranding strategies for shareholders of higher education institutions. Elaborates business plans specific to the academic world and advises funds when prospecting investment opportunities. Strong knowledge of the African higher education market, education, and its network. In close contact with several leaders and executives in French, European, African, and Asian public and private institutions. At the origin of several international cooperations between institutions, facilitating student exchanges, the intervention of internationally renowned professors, and the implementation of double degrees and accreditation of courses by international authorities.

3.30 - 4.30 PM Workshop

Saturday 15th Feb

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